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Rue Renwa

Own photo

The Rue Renwa is a small road in the Burenville neighbourhood of Liège, Belgium. It is quiet, tree-lined and has no houses on it. It connectes two residential roads to the Rue Jules de Laminne, which in turn connectes to the E25 motorway. Rue Renwa is not a well-known road. The first few real links […]

Turn left to go offroad

Close to my house, there’s a road, the Kromwijkdreef, with a left-turn lane. If you go left you’ll end up … in the grass. Or down an embankment. Or, if you really step on it, in someone’s living room. Or balcony! Vlak bij mijn huis is een weg, de Kromwijkdreef, met een voorsorteervak naar links. […]

The sheepish bridge

The N73 motorway was a planned motorway from Kessenich, via Bree, Hechtel-Eksel, Leopoldsburg, Ham, and Tessenderlo to Aarschot. The section between Kessenich and Leopoldsburg is a 2-lane single carriageway with frontage access, going trough all those city centres except for Peer, where it runs south of the city. Between Kinrooy and Peer the road is […]

The Roundabout

This roundabout in New Kent, Virginia, clearly awaits better times. All those US Americans hate roundabouts, calling them “death traps” and worse. However, this one was mandated by the Virginia general assembly, and that means it has to be built – even if it connects to nothing.