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Rue Renwa

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The Rue Renwa is a small road in the Burenville neighbourhood of Liège, Belgium. It is quiet, tree-lined and has no houses on it. It connectes two residential roads to the Rue Jules de Laminne, which in turn connectes to the E25 motorway. Rue Renwa is not a well-known road. The first few real links […]

The bridge to someone else’s land

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The Dutch railway infrastructure operator ProRail is waging a war on the level crossing. They want to eradicate all level crossings. Near Baarn, they have built a footbridge to be able to close three nearby unprotected level crossings. This footbridge does not connect to any path. Next to it is a level crossing, still open […]

The sheepish bridge

The N73 motorway was a planned motorway from Kessenich, via Bree, Hechtel-Eksel, Leopoldsburg, Ham, and Tessenderlo to Aarschot. The section between Kessenich and Leopoldsburg is a 2-lane single carriageway with frontage access, going trough all those city centres except for Peer, where it runs south of the city. Between Kinrooy and Peer the road is […]